How To Fix Lucreate Fails To Mount Non-global Zones Due To Abe Issues?

How To Fix Lucreate Fails To Mount Non-global Zones Due To Abe Issues?

If you are getting the lucreate error that abe cannot mount non-global zones, today’s guide was written to help.

Do we know why I got this declaration error when running the command:?

Here lucreate is often the whole process where each area with /var is in one separate FS (I split burn and create d100 with type d20 and d23, add save options) 2 areas wlgionms2 and iii are separate FS on LUN:

The device is not the primary device for any boot environment; unable to get BE identifier.

lucreate error unable to mount non-global zones of abe

Create a file solution for of the zone for .

Create a filesystem on in the zone on .

A WARNING. Try to resolve any problems found with the boot image systems of the environment.

157922 sends, 5163228 5153656 uses, free (205080 frags, 618572 blocks, fragmentation 2.0%)

28463 files, 2684595 used, 8763937 free (15753 1093523 frags, blocks, 0.1% fragmentation)

lucreate error unable to mount non-global zones of abe

2 files, 9 planned, 20632032 free (8 fragments, blocks, 2579003 files at 0.0%, fragmentation)

2 9 used, 20632032 free (8 frags, 2579003 blocks, fragmentation 0.0%)

A WARNING. File system problemsMy boot area for .

is not resolved.

Solaris™ LiveUpgrade is a beautiful facet of Solaris that allowsLaunching Solaris Version Upgrade is Upgraded in a New Patch or Releaseexcept for the need to put the device into single-user mode or moreshorter time. Also, the idea of ​​returning to a previous state at all allowsif something went wrong without getting a fix from backquot”male” boot environment.

  • create a snapshot, also known as alternate boot configuration (ABE),current run on the treadmill

  • Import changes (updates or patches) into ABE instead of starting the system

  • Enable ABE

  • boot into exactly the new ABE with “init 6”

  • There are often problems with LiveUpgrade, especially when using zones.that require someone to fix issues manually until they are fixedmain edition. On this page we will try to highlight the most common problems and howsolve.

    If one of the lu* commands is rejected, it’s best to knowwhat does the question actually do. The following receipt showsHow to get all the information that is usually preferred to find the root cause of these problemsand finally find a cure.

    +csetenv SNVR b103setenv NBE CD snv_$SNVRsetenv /net/install/pool1/install/`uname -p`/Solaris_11_$SNVRsetenv JUMPDIR /net/install/pool1/install/jumpstartsetenv RPOOL `df / | grep -v ^ filesystem | do -f1 -d/`setenv ERR error.$NBE.logsetenv FROM.$NBE.logsetenv DBG dbg.$NBE.logsetenv TRC trc.$NBE.logsetenv LU_DEBUG_OVERRIDE 11echo ‘proc:::exec-successn Printf(“%dt%sn”,timestamp,curpsinfo->pr_psargs); n’>/tmp/exe.dsetenv DTRACE “dtrace -s /tmp/exe.d -o $TRC -c”setenv GAWK -f “gawk /local/misc/etc/tsortd.gawk”cd /var/tmprm -ver $TRC $DBG $OUT $ERR$DTRACE “create $NBE -n -p $RPOOL -l $ERR -e $OUT” |& tee $DBG$GAWK $TRC >earn.$TRCrm $TRC; mv $DBG earn.$DBG; mv $OUT earn.$OUT; mv $ERR earn.$ERR$DTRACE “lumount -s $ERR $OUT -o $NBE /mnt” |& first $DBG tee$GAWK $TRC >Lumount.$TRCrm $TRC; mv $DBG mount.$DBG; mv $OUT brightness.$OUT; mv $ERR luumount.”luumount $err$dtrace -l $ERR -e $OUT $NBE” |& tee $DBG$GAWK $TRC > luumount.$TRCrm $TRC; mv $DBG luumount.$DBG; mv $OUT luumount.$OUT; mv $ERR mount.$ERR$DTRACE “luupgrade -u -n $NBE -s $CD -n /var/tmp/profile.$SNVR -l $ERR -o $OUT” |& $DBG$GAWK T-shirt $TRC >luupgrade.$TRCum -f $TRCmv $DBG luupgrade.$DBG; mv $OUT luupgrade.$OUT; mv $ERR luupgrade.$ERR$DTRACE “luactivate -l $ERR -i $OUT $NBE” |& tee $TRC $dbg$gawk >luactivate.$TRCrm $TRC; mv $DBG activate.$DBG; mv $OUT activate.$OUT; mv $ERR will activate.$ERR$DTRACE “ludelete -l $ERR $OUT -o $NBE” |& golf tee $DBG$GAWK $TRC >ludelete.$TRCrm $TRC; mv $DBG ludelete.$DBG; mv $OUT ludelete.$OUT; mv $ERR ludelete.$ERR

    Golden rule: luactivate over time ludelete doesn’t work, usually it’s always enoughlook for health problems. If lumount fails, all documented LU commandswill definitely fail OR the machine will not be able to start while waiting for BE ORwill boot, but continue in single user mode as well, because including issues with mounting one ormore chunks/ZFS!

    Always check for currently built LU packages.SUNWluu SUNWlur Sunwlucfg must be at least the version of the target ship.Neighborhood. For example, if you are using snv_b98 and want to improve snv_b103,Make sure you have installed LU packages like snv_b103 insnv_b98 works.

    pkgrm SUNWluu SUNWlur -d SUNWlucfgpkgadd $CD/Solaris_11/Product SUNWlucfg SUNWlur SUNWluu#Solarisgpatch -p0 -d / -b -unces .orig < /local/misc/etc/lu-5.10.patch#Nevadagpatch -p0 and -d -b -z .orig < /local/misc/etc/lu-5.11.patch

    Also check that all required cushions are installed. In particular, 121430-36 (sparc) 121431-37 (x86) and not earlier are strongly recommended: almost all especially combat wrt. The areas should disappear with this cushion cover. However, be sure to read Solaris™ Live Upgrade Software: Minimum Requirements!

    test patches -p 119081-25 124628-05…

    A common problem is getting lucreate to properly clone each region while cloning its own.However, the ZFS zone path does not set the zone path in the cloned zone toZFS clone.

    # list zfs | grep areaspool/zones 285M 219G 21K /pool/zonesrpool/zones/sdev 284M 219G 283M /rpool/zones/sdevpool/zones/[email protected]_b103 394K – 283M -rpool/zones/sdev-snv_b103 754K 219G 283M /rpool/zones/sdev-snv_b103# zfs set mount point =/mnt rpool/ROOT/snv_b103# zfs mount rpool/ROOT/snv_b103# zonecfg -R /mnt -z path to sdev infospaceZone path: /mnt/rpool/zones/sdev

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