Easy Way To Fix ITunes Error 2131 Toshiba Problems

Easy Way To Fix ITunes Error 2131 Toshiba Problems

Sometimes your system may display an itunes 2131 Toshiba error message. There can be several reasons for this problem.

  • We will never record an SN-S082H CD player that gives an iTunes error – 2131


    I just bought a Nextday laptop with a team SN-S082H that just won’t burn cds using itunes – error 2131 (memory I think).

    Can someone tell me how it heals?

    itunes error 2131 toshiba

    Thanks, Rob.

    In my experience, this error is due to absolutely persistent issues.
    I have read in some computer related articles that this iTunes computer software is not fully compatible with a number of cd/dvd drive firmwares.

  • Satellite A210 – unable to eject CD-R with i-tunes – error 2131

    Hi everyone

    I’m sure I’m not the only one having this problem, but I get error 2131 when I try to play help from a CD-R (v7.6) in iTunes Windows Vista using TSST Corp Equium A210 Smoking for TS-L632H CD-DVD burner.

    I’ve tried all the traditional methods, such as updating user info, systems, trying different CD-Rs, etc., but without much fun.

    I noticed something similar Which, in turn, ended up with a solution to help you use CD-RW instead of CD-R, which unfortunately didn’t solve my problem because my own audio CD player doesn’t support CD-RW. handles (although CD-R is good) very much. Suggestions


    Thanks in advance

    Hello in advance


    There is currently no workaround, you can only use portable CD-RW media. I’m sorry, but your situation is that the CD player doesn’t exactly read the CD-RW of a particular media, unfortunately you don’t have it.

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  • Files cannot be burned to DVD, error: “Media not recognized.

    Original Title: Files cannot be burned to DVD

    I’m using Windows XP. I tried to burn different files to new DVDs (eg Imation DVD – RW and RiData DVD + RW). I tried to use Easy Media Creator 9, AShampoo Burning Studio^, Windows Media Center to ruin my DVDs (particularly JPEG photos). In any case, I get an error message indicating that my non- “carrier” is recognized. This player contains but music, does NOT record photos. PleasePlease help!


    1. What kind of DVD burner do you have? Is this DVD recorder a combo device with read/write capability?
    2. Have you ever recorded a DVD that doesn’t show everything in the new past with a DVD player?
    3. can you burn such a CD?

    Method 2.

    The article below describes how to fix common factors that may occur when a Windows XP computer cannot play a DVD or CD in a DVD or CD player. fix these he errors also includes some innovative troubleshooting steps.

    How to fix common problems when a Windows XP computer does not read a CD or DVD

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  • Satellite Pro M300 – error 2131 when burning CD-r in iTunes

    Hi everyone

    I know this particular error message question is very old, but I can’t fix it.
    I can’t burn a CD-R because iTunes shows *error 2131 (space) , which seems to be a very famous collection of bugs.

    itunes error 2131 toshiba

    I bought RegCure to fix this, but since the program is a working laptop, I’m editing the registry because I shouldn’t have admin rights.
    I can burn RW CDs – with iTunes, otherwise they does not work in the organization of the car CD player.

    I understand that this is a firmware issue and is not related to iTunes anymore.

    Please enjoy

    See you soon,

    That’s right, it’s a problem


    This is with the new firmware. In the Toshiba knowledge base, I found a note about error 2131:

    Manera Fácil De Solucionar Problemas De ITunes Error 2131 Toshiba
    Łatwy Sposób Na Naprawienie Błędu ITunes 2131 Problemy Z Toshiba
    Maneira Fácil De Corrigir O Erro 2131 Do I-tunes Com Problemas Da Toshiba
    ITunes 오류 2131 Toshiba 문제를 수정하는 쉬운 방법
    Einfache Möglichkeit, ITunes-Fehler 2131 Toshiba-Probleme Zu Beheben
    Un Modo Semplice Per Risolvere Positivamente ITunes Error 2131 Problemi Toshiba
    Moyen Simple De Résoudre Les Problèmes D’i-tunes Error 2131 Toshiba
    Eenvoudige Manier Om Apple ITunes Error 2131 Toshiba-problemen Op Te Lossen
    Простой способ исправить ошибку ITunes 2131 Toshiba
    Enkelt Sätt Att Hjälpa Dig Att Fixa ITunes Error 2131 Toshiba-problem

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