Easy Troubleshooting Creating A Shared Directory In Windows XP

Easy Troubleshooting Creating A Shared Directory In Windows XP

Here are a few simple steps that should help you solve the problem of creating a shared directory in Windows XP.

Right-click the folder you want to share and select “Share Security” from the shortcut menu AND. Click “Share this folder button”. Enter a share name, accept, or a default phrase. Windows actually xp uses the directory name as the default common name.


How do I create a shared folder for everyone?

Right click on the folder you want to share.Select Share with Specific > People.From here, you can select the user type and their permission set (as long as they can read or read/write).If the larger user does not appear in the main list, enter their name for each on the taskbar and click Add.Click Share.

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  1. Create a shared folder associated with XP, windows to set up network scanning.
  2. Disable Windows Firewall in Windows XP to set up network scanning
  3. Get the IP address associated with the system to set up network scanning in Windows XP

How do I create a shared folder?

Navigate to the folder where you want to place the new folder.Click + New and select a folder from the drop-down menu.Enter a name for the progressive folder and click Create.You can now add content and assign file permissions so other fans can access it.

This document contains information about “Creating a Shared Folder in Windows XP to Set Up Network Scanning”

1. Create A Shared Windows XP Folder For Network Scan Setup

How do I create a network drive in Windows XP?

Open Computer” “My from Start Menu”.Go to Tools menu > Connectb network drive. letterSelect the drive you find in the “Map Network Drive” window.Use the switch to share to find the network share that should act as a “network” drive.

To create your own Windows XP shared folder, you usually need to do the following:

Create a new foldery in a convenient location (always recommended C) drive and give it a logo (scan).

Be sure to write down the name of the amount you are giving to the file, even if this is necessary when scheduling the scan.

Note. You may run into a problem where the site does not want to introduce the user to the family of administrators and provide them with group protection in accordance with the law on administrators. The best solution is if someone creates and shares a folder on the network, goes to the security tab in the properties of the current folder and the user completely loses the folder to himself instead of giving all rights to the user administrator. It’s better to restore large domains using locations, since you no longer need to grant permissions to yourself, an admin user, but basically grant them to a single file. Can you skip step 3 of this tutorial if that’s definitely the case.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, contact Dell Technical Support.

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2 . Disable FirewallWindows In Windows XP To Scan Network Configuration

If you’re running a third party firewall program (like McAfee norton, etc.), people should either disable each of our firewalls or create an exception to create port 139.

how to create a shared directory in windows xp

enable the general Windows firewall (after the first scan, the firewall must be enabled, again because a large exception will be automatically generated).

If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact Dell Technical Support.

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3 . Obtained IP Address Of The System Used To Set Up Network Scanning In Windows XP

Please save the process’s IP address somewhere for reference, as it will most likely be used when setting up the addressing plan.

how to create a shared directory in windows xp

To obtain an IP address between systems, you quickly open a command and use the IPCONFIG command for the receive address.


To set up a scanning network effectively, you need to read the article for your specific printer version:

  • 1355CN(Z)
  • 2135CN
  • 2145CN
  • 2155CDN
  • 2355DN
  • 3115CN
  • If these steps do not resolve your issue, contact Dell Technical Support.

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