The Easiest Way To Fix A Fatal Error

The Easiest Way To Fix A Fatal Error

Here are some easy ways that can help fix typo3 required fatal error when opening require_once issue.

The change didn’t fix the problem, most of the errors returned. I’ve included the appropriate debug error: trace:

Fatal require() [function.require]: Failed to open required ‘PATH_tslibclass.tslib_pibase.php’ (include_path=’/…/typo3/contrib/pear/:.:/usr/local/lib/php’), when it comes to /…/t3lib/class.t3lib_div.On php line 5066#0 t3lib_div::requireFile(PATH_tslibclass.tslib_pibase.php) is requested from [/…/t3lib/class.t3lib_autoloader.php:97]#1 t3lib_autoloader::autoload(tslib_pibase)#2 Spl_autoload_call(tslib_pibase) is called at [/…/typo3conf/ext/pxf_gallery/class.tx_pxf_gallery_pi1.php:3]#3 require_once(/…/typo3conf/ext/pxf_gallery/class.tx_pxf_gallery_pi1.php) via email [/…/typo3conf/temp_CACHED_ps486d_ext_tables.php:3601]#4 include(/…/typo3conf/temp_CACHED_ps486d_ext_tables.php) called at [/…/typo3/init.php:381]#5 require(/…/typo3/init.php) is called by calling [/…/typo3/index.php:38]
fatal error require_once failed opening required typo3

The “pxf_gallery” entry is a regular plugin that simply extends the tslib_pibase class. Many come from all those extensions that extend tslib_pibase. As a result, he was one of the first to load.


In #1 I typed to select from the $classNameToFileMapping array of the t3lib_autoloader area when the class should and shouldn’t autoload:

… [t3lib_utility_version number]=> /…/t3lib/utility/class.t3lib_utility_version number.php [t3lib_xml] => /…/t3lib/class.t3lib_xml.php => [tx_lang_clearcache]/…/typo3/sysext/lang/hooks/clearcache/class.tx_lang_clearcache.php [tx_lang_clearcachemenu] => /…/typo3/sysext/lang/hooks/clearcache/class.tx_lang_clearcachemenu.php [tslib_adminpanel] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_adminpanel.php [tslib_cobj] PATH_tslibclass =>.tslib_content.php [tslib_frameset] PATH_tslibclass =>.tslib_frameset.php => [tslib_tableoffset] PATH_tslibclass.tslib_tableoffset.php [tslib_controltable] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_controltable.php [tslib_eidtools] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_eidtools.php [tslib_fe] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_fe.php [tslib_fecompression] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_fecompression. php [tslib_fetce] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_fetce.php [tslib_feuserauth] PATH_tslibclass =>.tslib_feuserauth.php [tslib_gifbuilder] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_gifbuilder.php [tslib_menu] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_menu.php [tslib_tmenu] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_menu.php [tslib_gmenu] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_menu.php [tslib_imgmenu] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_menu.php [tslib_jsmenu] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_menu.php [tspagegen] => PATH_tslibclass.tslib_pagegen.php => [fe_loaddbgroup] PATH_tslibclass.tslib_pagegen.php => [tslib_pibase] PATH_tslibclass.tslib_pibase.php => [tslib_search] PATH_tslibclass.tslib_search.php => [tslib_extdirecteid] PATH_tslibclass.tslib_extdirecteid. php [sc_tslib_showpic] => PATH_tslibshowpic.php…

In the /typo3/typo3temp/Cache/Code/cache_phpcode/ folder there are currently two cache files, finally one for FE and one for BE autoload. The first one basically has a PATH_tslib set, the second one doesn’t. There seems to be only one problem with the server side…

That’s right, I need to clear typo3temp/cache because it’s in triumph…

Warning: require_once(D:/wamp/www/sevenstar_caters/typo3/sysext/core/Classes/Package/PackageManager.php) [function.require-once]: Open stream failed: No file of this type or list in line /home4/code9/public_html/ from 184

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: failed to open recommended 'D:/wamp/www/sevenstar_caters/typo3/sysext/core/Classes/Package/PackageManager.php' ( include_path=' /home4/code9/public_html/') to /home4/code9/public_html/ /Classes/ Kernel/ClassLoader.php in cluster 184

Bug #48662

Added by Alexander Opitz about a year ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status: Resolved Start date: 2013-05-30 Priority: Shall Due date: Assigned to: Ralph Zimmermann % done:


Category: –

Target Version: –

PHP Fatal Error: Require_once(): Failed To Open ‘/typo3/sysext/cms/tslib/class.tslib_pibase.php’

As of TYPO3 CMS 6.0, classes in tslib may well be deprecated and removed 6 in.2

How can there be a class autoloader after TYPO3 CMS 4.3 that removes everything?

require_once(PATH_tslib . ‘class.tslib_pibase.php’);


#one Updated by Bjorn Jacob about 2 months ago


  • Status changed from “New” to “Accepted”
  • Attributed to Ralph Zimmermann
  • #2 Updated by Ernesto Basshni who contacted 2 years ago


  • % completed increased from 0 to 100
  • fatal error require_once failed opening required typo3

    This should already be fixed in version 1.0.2, so the problem can probably be fixed. I’m repackaging it right now with the new government package 6.2.0alpha1.

    #3 Updated by Bjorn de Jacob about 2 days ago

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