Steps To Troubleshoot Windows Server 2003 Registry Issue Event ID 333

Steps To Troubleshoot Windows Server 2003 Registry Issue Event ID 333

In this user’s guide, we’re going to identify some of the possible causes that can trigger the Windows Server 2003 registry event ID 333 and then provide possible solutions to this problem. Event ID 333 is typically new in Windows Server 2003 SP1 and is written to the event log when the new operating system cannot be reset or written to the actual registry hive. The symptoms associated with Event ID 333 may vary depending on the failure of the server error, “Insufficient resources to run the requested service”,

An article overview. This article provides troubleshooting steps to help you determine the cause of the event ID 333 error.


event id 333 windows server 2003 registry

Event ID 333 will be logged to the system event log when there are problems associated with the event, such as problems with multi-page pooling, insufficient page outs, or physical memory exhaustion. Event ID 2019 and Event ID 2020 are sometimes logged in Grrrrrrrrrally, which indicates nonpaged and paged pool memory exhaustion. It often happens that a shutdown error occurs.


1. In the journal systemEvents look for events with id from 2019 and event with id from 2020. Often a common source is a pool of pages leaked from or possibly an unrecognized page in event id. Please contact the respective software vendor or identified driver.

event id 333 windows server 2003 registry

2. If a stop error might occur, you can use the g memory dump file to determine the paged pool consumption in California is greater than the nonpaged pool consumption. This file also helps identify paged, nonpaged, and pool tags that consume a significant amount of memory. The following class steps Additional information is free if it identifies a memory leak.

3. Check if the physical available RAM is exhausted. Often, when the total available physical memory is exhausted, it’s either an application configured to use some of the more available memory on the server, or a program that has a memory leak. A plan that lists Microsoft SQL Server is typically available for all-memory summer tuning, so there are performance issues.Parenting and resources. You should read the SQL Server Maximum Parameter Setting Guide.

4. View the process in the Windows Task Manager to determine if the implementation or process is consuming too many significant file writes, which could indicate a memory leak. You can learn how to use About Information to manage important parts of Windows to troubleshoot problems.

5. In addition, the physics of RAM on the server has been improved, especially when you use our 32-bit operating system. 32-bit layouts have windows small extended and extended memory pools, which increases the risk of pool exhaustion. Smaller amounts of pool memory can be allocated depending on the performance of the operating system, given that it runs in 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

6. Registry size can also routinely cause problems because it consumes page pool memory and can cause the collection to run out. Export the registry to determine the size of the san francisco’s file. If a problem occurs, you will need to reinstallInstall the operating system.


Additional Information

application popup
source: event no
Category: Event ID: 333
date date
time time
User: Computer domainuser occurred
Description: A registry-initiated I/O operation crashed. The registry was unable to read or simply delete, write, or one of the files most containing the registry’s system image.

Follow the following steps to determine paged consumption and minimum paged memory, as well as the range tag. Use the file surrounding the memory dumps and the Windows debugging tools.

1. Open the dump file in these Windows Debugging Tools.

2. Send !vm to get the same result as the next one. Pass a set of usage values ​​for bottom paged and paged pool and plastic bottle pools to determine if these values ​​are redundant.

*** Virtual memory usage ***
Physical memory 1569558 (6278232: KB)
Page ??C:PagingFile:.sys
Current: 6278232 KB Free space: 6221056 KB
Minimum: 6278232 KB Maximum: 18834696 KB
Available pages: 1043301 ( 4173204 KB)
ResAvail pages: 1482140 (5928560 KB)
Blocked I/O pages: (0 KB)
Free system PTE: 33520036 (134080144 pages: KB)
changed 5092 (20368 KB)
Modified PF pages: 5092 (20368 KB)

Nonpaged pool usage: 34589 (138356 KB) Maximum nonpaged pool: 1167102 (4668408 KB)

Using PagedPool 5: 84,198 (336,792 KB)
Disposable PagedPool: 6442 (25768 KB)
Using PagedPool 1: (KB 3747 14988)
Three main use cases for PagedPool: 3698 (14792 KB)
Using PagedPool number 4: 3721 (14884KB)

Page pool usage: 101806 (407224 KB) Maximum page pool: 33554432 (134217728 KB)

Session commit: 3478 (13912 KB)
Total commit: 6435 (25740 KB)
Special Pool: 0 ( 0 Total KB)
process: 7337 (29348 KB)
Paged pool commit: 101807 (407228 KB)
Driver Verification: 5070 (20280 KB)
Dedicated pages: 420930 (1683720 KB)
Commit limit: 3138650 (12554600 KB)
Total private: 218939 (875756 KB)3. Pass !poolused 4 /t 10. The output looks like this: View the values ​​of the Indian pool tag, h To identify redundant values.

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