How To Fix Afxwin1.inl Debug Assertion Failure Issues

How To Fix Afxwin1.inl Debug Assertion Failure Issues

If your system fails the afxwin1.inl debug assertion, we hope this article helps you resolve the issue. The statement indicates an infection that you think will actually happen at some point in your personal program. If this condition is definitely not met, the assertion fails, your program is terminated, and this dialog box also appears.

Afxwin1 .inl – Debug Error

I’m running the debugger in VC++ 6.0.

I tried wrapping the following code around the main code as a globalOh, but it probably didn’t work

How do I disable debug assertion failed dialog?

#define NDEBUG before #include to disable the assert macro. You can put it in the preprocessor definition in the forecast settings. You can add the /DNDEBUG compiler flag to disable sensations.

I also use a few DLLs. Uses one of the MFC DLLs (not the new one

debug assertion failed afxwin1.inl

problematic), as well as , is a normal dynamic-link DLL. (Use MFC Shared DLL

debug assertion failed afxwin1.inl

Is it possible that you need help using

In the exported DLL, perform the task that results in the call (either directly or

Author: just malhenry

I tried including the following as a global in the dominant code, but it didn’t work

I also use a few DLLs. One concerns MFC’s use of a DLL (not a new one

problematic) and is a regular DLL. (Use MFC Shared DLL

Thank you for your major contribution.

Edit project > General settings from “Do not use MFC” in “Use MFC in share”

Added the following product line as a global predominate .cpp file:

Contributed by Scott T. Brenneke.

in your exported DLL function that includes the closest call (directly or

Fasting in the time of Malanry

How do I fix error assertion failed?

Solution 1: Reinstall or repair the Visual C++ packageSolution 2 – Run SFC not to mention a DISM scanSolution 3 – Reinstall your Adobe related softwarefix 4fix 5Access geo-restricted DVD content with a VPN.Don’t pay the price to ransomware authors – use alternative data collection options.

I tried adding the following unique global code to the main code, but it didn’t work

I also use bulk DLLs. One of them is used by MFC of this DLL (not new

problematic) and is a valid DLL. (use common mfc dll

Debug assertion not possible (in afxwin1.inl), line 21

Author message Justin_Marshall

Published: Sat Feb 17 12:37:37 pm CST 3 years Up

MFC >> Debug assertion failed (in afxwin1.inl) queue 21


I am including an application that uses MFC. Application code received
But if the application starts frequently
When using the debug function, the following error occurs:

Debug assertion failed!

File: f:….afxwin.inl
Row: 21

SomeoneHope can help me by letting me know what might be inappropriate.ny with my

Visual Studio87 BUT

Mr Asm

Posted: Sat Feb 17 12:37:37 PM CST 2007 Up

MFC >> Debug document error (in afxwin1.inl), line 7

> I have an application using MFC. Application code gets
> good
>But when the app is almost certainly running
>The following error is displayed in debug mode
> created by:
> Debug assertion failed!
> File: f:….afxwin.inl
> Line: twenty-one
> I hope someone can help me by telling me what is wrong with
> code!!

the problem is still 0.1% in MFC code and 99.9% in your code 🙂

Debug mode assertions are your friends: they can tell you what your
Code that has problems contains bugs; They are for you for all occasions
some errors in your code.

Please give us your code that fires the assertion.

MrAsm abhisham

Posted: Sat Feb 19 12:49:33 PM CST 2007 Up

MFC >> Debug Error (in afxwin1.inl), line 19

> >Hello
> You > have an application that uses MFC. Application code compiled
> >good
> >But when the app starts
>> When using the debug state, the following error occurs:
> > Debug error! confirmation
>> File: f:….afxwin.inl
>> Row: 21
> >I hope some man or woman can help me by telling me what might be wrong with my
> > Code!!
> Hello
> There is no doubt that the problem is 0.1% in the MFC code. and 99.9% in your code. 🙂
> Assertions in debug mode are your people: they tell you what your favorite
> there are problems in the code, there are errors; because they give you the opportunity to truly fix
> Some bugs in the code.
> Please tell us your code that calls the entry.
> Mr. Asm

// myproj1.cpp > ​​Defines theThe definition of the class in relation to the application.

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